Vaginal Prolapse and Pain

Vaginal Prolapse and Pain? Take Your Life Back.

Vaginal prolapse and pain are sensitive issues for many women, often resulting in:

  • Feelings of pressure or heaviness;
  • Bulging, or feeling a lump in the vagina;
  • Difficulty starting to urinate, or weak or spraying streams;
  • Chronic straining during bowel movements;
  • Pain during intercourse or in the pelvis; or
  • Low back pain.

One in two women ages 50-79 have some form of prolapse. 

But don’t brush these symptoms under the rug. Prolapse is not simply aging, and our board-certified and fellowship-trained urogynecologist can greatly improve your quality of life and sexual health. 


Starting treatments early can mean the difference between conservative (non-surgical) treatments and having to undergo surgery. If you suspect that you may have vaginal prolapse, contact us today. Our services include: 

  • A conservative approach, such as dietary changes, pelvic floor muscle exercises and physical therapy.
  • Pessaries, rubber rings similar to the outer ring of a diaphragm. When inserted into the vagina and used in conjunction with physical therapy, these can help support weak pelvic tissues.
  • Minimally invasive da Vinci robotic surgery, using an abdominal approach and native tissue (your own tissue) or biologic or synthetic mesh to repair prolapse. We carefully explain the risks and benefits of these approaches to determine the treatment that is best for you. Learn more about mesh for vaginal prolapse. 
  • Pain treatments. For pain during intercourse or other pain unrelated to prolapse, we provide medical management and injections, including nerve block and trigger point injections. We also refer patients to Women’s Physical Therapy of Evans, which offers therapy specific to urogynecological issues in a welcoming environment designed just for women. 
  • Repair for previous failed mesh surgeries. Women who are experiencing complications related to synthetic vaginal mesh surgery should consult with our board-certified and fellowship-trained urogynecologists. Repairing failed mesh can be a complex issue, and our specially trained surgeons provide skilled management for exposed vaginal mesh, pain and mesh removal. 

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