Skilled Care for High Risk Pregnancies

If you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy, you need special care.

Women’s Health provides accessible high-risk neonatal care for women throughout a 24-county area in Georgia through the Augusta Regional Perinatal Center at Augusta University Medical Center By providing risk-appropriate care, this state-designated center reduces maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates.

The center provides the following services to high-risk obstetric patients:

  • Consultations with maternal-fetal medical specialists
  • Transportation, prenatal care, delivery and post-partum and newborn care for women experiencing high risk pregnancies. Women and infants who meet financial criteria are eligible for funding.
  • Obstetrics Emergency Department
  • Pregnancy related services, such as in-home health assessments and teaching for women who have recently delivered a baby
  • Education and support for pregnant and parenting teens 
  • Perinatal case management
  • A Registered Nurse who serves as an obstetric outreach educator
  • Medical Social Workers who help patients access the services they need
  • Registered Dieticians

If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, call (706) 721-1567 to schedule an appointment.