Solve Your Uterine Problem with Minimally Invasive Operative Hysteroscopy or operative Hysteroscopy with a Resectoscope

In the past, women who suffered from heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding between periods or painful cramping,  often had to undergo major surgery. Now, however, many procedures can be performed on an inpatient basis through operative hysteroscopy. During these procedures, physicians use a hysteroscope with channels in which very thin instruments are inserted. These instruments can be used to remove polyps, cut adhesions or perform other procedures. Operative hysteroscopy with a re may offer an alternative to hysterectomy. 

Physicians at Medical Center at Augusta University also offer operative hysteroscopy using a  resectoscopy.  A resectoscope is a hysteroscope with a built-in wire loop that uses high-frequency electrical current to cut or coagulate tissue. In some cases, it is more efficient at removing fibroids or large polyps than a conventional hysteroscope.   

Like the standard hysteroscope, the resectoscope is inserted through the cervix. But since it is larger in diameter than the diagnostic hysteroscope, it requires dilation of the cervix.  Resectoscope procedures are performed in an outpatient surgery. Minor procedures can be done under local anesthesia, but most women prefer general anesthesia. 

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