IMPANON: A Three-year Implantable Birth Control Option

If you’re looking for long-term but reversible birth control, you may want to speak to a physician about IMPLANON, the first and only three-year, single-rod implantable hormonal contraceptive.

An IMPLANON rod about the size of a matchstick is inserted under the skin of the arm in a doctor’s office. IMPLANON is a progestin-only contraceptive, and does not contain estrogen. It prevents pregnancy by stopping the release of eggs from the ovaries, and may also change the mucus in the cervix to prevent the sperm from passing through. IMPLANON also changes the mucus in your cervix and this may keep sperm from reaching the eggs. 

Medical Center at Augusta University staffs physicians who have completed comprehensive training in the use of IMPLANON implants and can help you decide if it is a viable option for you. Ideal candidates are women seeking an effective, long-acting contraception that does not require daily, weekly or monthly dosing and have no contraindications to the product.    

Implanon offers the following benefits: 

  • More than 99 percent effective when inserted correctly
  • No daily, weekly or monthly dosing
  • Fertility returns quickly after removal 

To schedule an appointment to discuss Implanon or other birth control options, call (706) 721-2273 (CARE) or 800-736-CARE (2273) now.