Enjoy the Benefits of  Breastfeeding with Experienced Lactation Consultants

As a mother, one of the best things you can do for your baby is to breastfeed, even if you can do it for a short time only. Breast milk  contains disease fighting-antibodies that help protect infants. Breast milk is usually easier to digest than formula, and you won’t need to clean bottles or nipples.

Yet some women experience trouble breastfeeding. To make it easy for you to give your baby the best possible nourishment, Women’s Health staffs a certified lactation consultant who educates pregnant women and new moms on breastfeeding and provides ongoing support.

The department offers:

  • In-hospital support during the first days of your baby’s life
  • Treatments for low milk supply, sore nipples, infections, latch problem and other issues
  • Help meeting the special breastfeeding needs of preterm babies
  • On-going support after the mother leaves the hospital. This is particularly important because many women quit breastfeeding within a few weeks because they have trouble getting expert help when problems arise.
  • Breast pumps and other supplies

For more information or questions regarding breastfeeding click here or, call the lactation consultant at 706-721-0190 or 706-721-8283 .