Meeting the Unique Gynecological Needs of Adolescents

For girls, the adolescent years can be difficult. Beginning at about age 10, girls undergo a series of physical, emotional and cognitive changes. Their breasts begin to bud, followed by the beginning of their menstrual cycles in18-24 months. Within a year after a girl has her first menstrual period she should have her first healthy-girl visit with a gynecologist.

These visits can be difficult for young girls, so it’s important to select a physician who understands the unique needs of adolescents and knows that the choices they make now will affect their physical and emotional health in years to come.

We offer:

  • The largest team of board-certified adolescent medicine physicians in the area. These understanding professionals are trained to address the special needs of adolescents.
  • Gentle, educational adolescent gynecological exams 
  • Gardasil counseling and vaccines, a series of injections that can prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer
  • Solutions for abnormal menstrual bleeding, painful periods and other common problems 
  • Counseling, screening, diagnosis and care for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 
  • An opportunity for girls to ask questions about their development and access information
    on their physical and psychosocial health, wellness and sexuality
  • Monitoring for other conditions, such as acne, body image, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse and other disorders 
  • Quick and easy referrals to other specialists
  • An on-site lab and a full range of in-house diagnostic testing
  • Medical interpreters for patients who don’t speak English   
  • Child and Teen Life Specialists (Link to existing page) to help teens understand and cope with care
  • All the resources of one of the state’s largest academic medical centers 

To schedule an appointment with a physician who  understands the unique medical and social needs of adolescent girls, call 706-721-KIDS (5437) or toll free at 888-721-KIDS (5437).