Child and Adolescent Life

Child and Adolescent Life is a program that supports the emotional, psychosocial, educational and developmental needs of our young patients in a health care setting. Children learn about the world through play. In the hospital, where children feel particularly vulnerable, expressive play activities help them understand what is happening and provide opportunities to gain a sense of control.

That’s why your donation of toys is so important. Although many who donate would like to personally deliver toys to our children, due to patient confidentiality and infection control, we are unable to allow donors to deliver gifts directly to patient rooms. Instead, donations may be left at the Family Services Office located in Room 1959 in the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.  

Please attach your name and address to your donation.

Remember our patients include many infants and toddlers. Please avoid donating toys that have small chokeable pieces or fall apart easily. Because of our infection control policy, stuffed animals, board games and movies must be new and in original packaging.

Cash donations are always welcome and can be made by calling 706-721-4001 or mailing to:

Medical Center at Augusta University
Advancement and Community Relations
1120 15th Street, FI 1000
Augusta, GA 30912