Minimally Invasive Surgery

Welcome to Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Clinically, the service offers comprehensive surgical care for all digestive diseases, solid organ and abdominal wall disorders. The service focuses on minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical techniques, including laparoscopic surgery, advance flexible endoscopic surgery, single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) and robotic surgery.

The service has several specialty centers and programs, including an adrenal center, weight loss center and gastroparesis surgical treatment program, providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients with adrenal disorders, morbid obesity and refractory gastroparesis. The MIS Section is also integrated with the Digestive Disease Center at Medical Center at Augusta University. Special interests and focus within the service also include advanced therapeutic endoscopy, comprehensive open and laparoscopic surgical care for complex abdominal wall hernias, laparoscopic foregut surgery, biliary surgery, inflammatory bowel disease surgical care, colorectal and anorectal surgery, surgical care for gastrointestinal malignancies and solid organ surgery (adrenal, spleen, pancreas). Our surgical practice uses evidence-based practice guidelines to direct the surgical care of our patients.

The Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Section supports and actively encourages faculty members and staff in the pursuit of several areas of research.

Focus areas of research include

  • educational/skills curricular research
  • laparoendoscopic outcomes research
  • adrenal disorder outcomes research
  • adrenal translational research focusing on the identification of tumor biomarkers for primary aldosteronism and biomarkers for primary aldosteronism screening
  • obesity outcomes research, and obesity translational research

Faculty and staff in the MIS Section actively collaborate with basic and translational scientists and co-direct translational research programs at Medical Center at Augusta University.

The MIS Section is dedicated to clinical excellence, and research and academic pursuit to improve patient care/outcome and support faculty development.

The MIS Surgery Practice Site strives to provide comprehensive and efficient care to our patients. The purpose of the MIS Practice Site is to provide quality care and follow-up services using an interdisciplinary approach.  The MIS Practice Site is committed to providing a Patient Family Centered Care and value oriented environment where change, innovation and the quest for knowledge are ongoing.

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