Roosevelt Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

Our Joint Commission Accredited Roosevelt Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to provide intensive rehab services in a caring compassionate atmosphere.

Roosevelt Warm Spring Rehabilitation Hospital (RWSHR) welcomes patients from all over the state of Georgia and surrounding states.  Our patients are referred from acute care hospitals.  Patients in a rehab facility participate in a very structured program including, building strength, endurance and self care while having medical issues managed.  Our goal is to prepare patients to return home and resume their lives.

At Roosevelt Rehabilitation Hospital, we focus on early intervention for conditions affecting mobility, activities of daily living, swallowing and cognitive abilities.  The sooner patients begin their rehabilitation, the better the outcomes tend to be.  Part of the day is devoted to follow-up medical care addressing ongoing medical issues and part of the day involves therapy to help the patient build up strength and skills.  Our inpatient rehabilitation hospital offer patients the opportunity to get necessary complex medical care while getting back on track with their lives. We also offer psychological support, as physical trauma can be emotionally draining.

Each patient is served by an interdisciplinary team lead by a physician specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The physician provides daily medical and physical management with the rehabilitation registered nurses providing 24 hour care.  Each patient’s treatment program is individualized and modified according to the progress made toward discharge goals.

Other members of the team include the following professionals, which work closely to coordinate the patient’s specific treatment:  

  • Physical Therapist    
  • Occupation Therapist       
  • Speech language Pathologist     
  • Psychologist
  • Respiratory Therapist    
  • Registered Dietician       
  • RN Case Manager/ Discharge Planner    
  • Pharmacist Consultant  

The families and primary caregivers are very important members of the team and are encouraged to interact with the team, ask questions and attend education sessions.  Planning for discharge home requires much interaction with the interdisciplinary team.

Nondiscrimination Policy