Rehabilitative Services

Speech/Language Pathology

Serving adult, pediatric and infant populations, the speech/language pathologists focus on how well a patient can communicate and how safe a patient is to swallow different textures of food and liquid. Patients who need help with understanding, processing and expressing language can benefit from speech services.

Our speech pathologists are skilled in the areas of articulation and phonological disorders, fluency problems, voice disorders, swallowing problems, language disorders, central auditory processing disorders and rehabilitation following cochlear implants. Our facilities are equipped to provide adult, pediatric and infant modified barium swallow studies which are done in conjunction with a radiologist. The speech pathologists provide instrumental evaluations of the vocal mechanism with a state of the art digital video-strobe station. We also provide evaluations for voice prosthesis post laryngectomee surgery. Our speech pathologists provide 6-day/week coverage for inpatients and schedule outpatients Monday through Friday from 7:30-5:00. Our pediatric therapists can be reached at 706-721-5222 and our adult therapists can be reached at 706-721-6009.

More Info: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

For appointments, referrals or more information, please call:
(706) 721-2273 (CARE)
800-736-CARE (2273)

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