Patient Satisfaction


Patient Satisfaction

What Our Patients Think Matters Most

We spend a lot of time researching and finding out from patients what is important to them. We consistently conduct surveys to identify ways we can improve the quality of care. Augusta University Health partners with Press Ganey Associates, Inc. to create a high-performance enterprise that is experientially, clinically, operationally and financially strong. Press Ganey’s comprehensive portfolio of health care performance solutions has helped us improve our quality and operate more efficiently.

It is our goal to continue transforming our health system through innovative data collection, insights and analysis to improve clinical, operational, financial and experiential outcomes.

We also bring together our key metrics in a single, integrated view of performance to enable alignment and accountability across our enterprise. This gives us the confidence to improve care based on proven best practices and to achieve clinical performance excellence. As we continue to improve, we encourage patients of our health system to complete and return Press Ganey surveys they receive after their discharge.

For more information about patient satisfaction at Augusta University Health, please call 706-721-7322.


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