How to place a prescription order: If you are prescribed a new specialty medication, simply have your physician send it electronically to AU Medical Center Retail Pharmacy.  Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to inform you of the status of your prescription.

Instructions on how to obtain a refill: When you have 7 days of medication remaining call the pharmacy at 706-446-5157 to request a refill. This will ensure that the pharmacy has time to prepare your prescription and have it ready for pick up or sent out for delivery. Plan ahead for vacation or weekends. If you do not have a refill, the pharmacy will help by requesting a refill from your doctor's office.

How to access medications in case of an emergency of disaster: Plan ahead, try to keep at least a 5 day supply of medications on hand. Keep a list of all medications you are taking and the directions for taking them Pay attention to forecasts and warnings, If you are told to evacuate remember to take your medications and necessary equipment with you. It is AU Medical Center Retail Pharmacy’s goal to maintain normal operating hours. In the event it is unsafe to operate normally we will do our best to resume operations as soon as possible.

How to check on a prescription status: If you have questions about your order status please call the pharmacy at 706-446-5157 during business hours

Information on prescription substitutions: The pharmacist shall dispense the lowest retail price drug product that is pharmaceutically equivalent. In the event that a medication is unavailable or cost prohibitive, your pharmacist will work with your provider in order to determine a suitable therapeutic substitution.

How to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy In the event a transfer is necessary to have the intended receiving pharmacy contact the pharmacy that currently holds the prescription.

How to obtain medications not available at the pharmacy: We strive to provide exceptional care to our patients, this includes having a large selection of medications available. Most medications we have to order are available the next business day. If for some reason we are unable to obtain the medication, we will work with your provider to find a pharmacy which has this medication available.

How to handle medication drug recalls: In the event of a recalled, discontinued, expired, damaged, contaminated, unacceptable and counterfeit drug product, staff pharmacists, the patient and patient’s physician shall be notified immediately (pharmacist by email and group meeting, physicians and patients by email and telephone notification). For instructions as to the proper disposition of the recalled medications per FDA recommendations, view the following guide: FDA's Disposal of Unused Medicines.

How to dispose of medications: For instructions as to the proper disposition of medications per FDA recommendations, view the following guide: FDA's Disposal of Unused Medicines.

How to handle adverse reactions: If it is an immediate emergency call 911, otherwise contact your physician or call AUMC pharmacy with questions for your pharmacist.

How to report concerns or errors: Please contact the pharmacy if you have any concerns or suspect an error with your prescription.