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Pediatric Transport Team


Pediatric Transport Team

Our pediatric transport team serves all hospitals in Georgia and the surrounding area. We are trained to quickly transport children by helicopter or ambulance to the Children's Hospital of Georgia where they will get the highest level of emergency care available.


  • Pediatric Transport Team

Our Approach

If you have a child who needs emergency care, they can be transported to Children’s Hospital of Georgia either by ambulance or by helicopter. During transport, the pediatric transport team provides comprehensive, intensive care, monitoring each child based on their individual needs. The team has the training to understand the unique growth and development patterns of children and are in continuous contact with CHOG's board-certified pediatric intensivists en route. When patients arrive, they are brought to our level I PICU.


Getting patients to Children's Hospital of Georgia

The pediatric transport team will travel anywhere in the area, by ground or air, to pick up children and get them to CHOG quickly and safely.  

Children's Hospital of Georgia ground transport team
Ground Transport
Children's Hospital of Georgia pediatric air transport on AirCare helicopter
Air Transport

Every member of our transport team has ICU expertise in pediatric critical care. The team includes intensive care nurses and respiratory therapists, and will provide:

  • Life-saving emergency care
  • Ventilator support
  • Invasive monitoring
  • Vasoactive drugs, administered with IV drips and medication dosages calculated specifically for pediatric patients.

Transporting children for specialized care

Any child who needs specialized equipment for their care should be able to get it. CHOG is the only hospital, outside of Atlanta, that offers ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). ECMO is used to help the sickest of the sick, this includes children with congenital heart defects.  The team is trained to provide continuous care during transport to get these critically ill patient to our skilled specialists as fast as possible.

Emergency transport for children with long-term illnesses

For children who suffer from long-term illness, such as seizures or chronic renal failure, emergency transport can be life-saving. In emergency situations, our experienced team will administer continuous care to a child while they are in transit to CHOG.

Emergency transport is critical to patient outcomes and research shows that the quicker emergency care is provided, the better it is for the patient and the lower the complication rates will be.

Call CHOG if your patient:

  • Requires a higher level of care than your hospital is able to provide
  • Is facing a technology-dependent emergency
  • Is in respiratory distress
  • Has an injury that suggests abuse
  • Has deteriorating vital signs
  • Exhibits an altered level of consciousness
  • Is experiencing cardiac problems
  • Has suffered a trauma

To arrange transport to CHOG for a pediatric patient


Questions about our transport services?

Jason Herold
Pediatric Transport Coordinator 

Emergency call center: 706-446-2464
24/7 access to our emergency care pediatric specialists.

Have an newborn in need of transport to CHOG's NICU?

Contact our Neonatal Transport Team.



Mary Lynn Sheram, MD

Medical Director

Jason Herold, RN CCRN, C-NPT

Pediatric Transport Coordinator



Transport Nursing Team

  • Megan Moss, RN
  • Susan Hood, RN, CPN, CCRN, C-NPT
  • Megan Clark, RN, CCRN
  • Lara Dockery, RN
  • Allyson Tejeda, RN, RNC-NIC
  • Theresa Ehntholt, RN, CCRN
  • Mollie Samaha, RN, CPN
  • Marie Smith, RN

Respiratory Therapy Team

  • Clifton Dennis, BHA, RRT, AE-C
  • Stephen Dishmond, BSRT, RRT, NPS
  • Stephanie Patterson, RRT, NPS
  • Jason Kiser, BSRT, RRT
  • Kelli Mock, BSRT, RRT, AE-C
  • Dabney Eidson, BSRT, RRT, NPS
  • Amy Cato, BSRT, RRT, CES-A
  • Joey Pasto, BSRT, RRT
  • Stacey Young, BSRT, RRT, NPS
  • Stephanie Robinson, BSRT, RRT, NPS, CES-A
  • Andrew Melear, BSRT, RRT

Pediatric Respiratory Therapy


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