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Augusta University Health is committed to transparency and want to educate you, our patient families, regarding your financial obligations.

The pricing estimator below will allow you to calculate your out-of-pocket costs for upcoming procedures and get an accurate cost estimate for your procedure.

This is the most accurate cost estimate available and is personalized based on your health insurance plan. Select your procedure, location, and even compare pricing for multiple services.

Please have your insurance information ready before you begin. If you would like to talk to someone about your estimate, please call (706) 721-2961. 

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Please note the following important points when reviewing these charge lists:

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At Augusta University Health System, we strive to provide the information you need to understand every aspect of your care. In keeping with this promise, Augusta University Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Georgia and Roosevelt Rehabilitation and Long Term Acute Hospitals are providing this price list for our services. 

Augusta University Health System charges the same for all patients but depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers your responsibility may vary.  We recommend checking  with your insurance provider for the most accurate estimate of out of pocket costs which is based on your insurance plan and your insurance company’s contracted rate with AUHS.

The charges on the list do not reflect the amount you will pay out of pocket. The amount a patient pays is based on many factors, including health insurance, benefit plans, applicable discounts, and services provided based on each patient’s unique needs.

Although we update quarterly, the prices on our website may not reflect the most current charge items or charge amounts of this facility as additions and changes are frequently made to the listing. Therefore, these charges may not be representative of the charges you will receive on your bill for services provided by our facility.

The information on our website contains only charges for facility and does not include related charges for physician office fees, clinic charges, radiologists, pathologists and other professional services provided in conjunction with our hospital services.

Additionally, if a patient is uninsured or underinsured one of our financial counselors can help determine eligibility for financial assistance program by calling (706) 721-8954 or for our Roosevelt facilities call (706) 655-5456.