Augusta University Medical Center welcomes the Patient Channel

The Patient Channel, created by GE Medical System, is now available to provide patients with information and education on major medical conditions. The Patient Channel can be found on Channel 27 in the Medical Center and the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Channels 14 and 15 broadcast "The Newborn Channel" in English and Spanish.

Current Programming Schedule in English and Programming Schedule in Spanish,
and Program Descriptions (all in PDF format)

Programming includes topics such as

  • Caring for Your Baby
  • Angina & Hypertension 
  • Ask The Doctor 
  • Asthma: One Breath At A Time 
  • Cholesterol 
  • Chronic Pain Management 
  • Depression: Beating the Blues 
  • Diabetes: A National Epidemic 
  • Doctors Corner 
  • Exercise & Nutrition 
  • Hospital Stays 
  • Lung Cancer: A Highly Preventable Killer  
  • Obesity: Winning the Battle 
  • Osteoporosis: The Silent Killer 
  • Taking Medications.

Each program repeats throughout the day and week.