Patient & Guest Information

At Augusta University Medical Center, our patients and their families and friends are very important to us. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality patient care, which is why we want to make your stay as pleasant and smooth as possible. Within this section you can find:

Flu season is HERE!
Families and visitors to protect the health of our patients, please Do Not Visit if:

  • You have a fever or respiratory illness
  • You are 18 years old or younger and NOT a parent/guardian or primary care family member.

Please help us prevent infections from spreading.
While visiting wash your hand frequently for the best protection. Use soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizing product. When washing hand, use lukewarm water and sing "Happy Birthday" twice. That is the length of time recommended for a thorough washing. If using alcohol based gel or foam, place enough to cover all surfaces of your hands and wrists and rub until absorbed.

You can view a our Notice of Privacy Practices here (English).
Poli­tica de Proteccion a la Privacidad (Spanish).