Treatments/Therapies/Services Offered

The Department of Pastoral Counseling provides emotional and spiritual support, particularly in times of loss and bereavement. Daily visitation is conducted throughout the hospital with special emphasis given to the Intensive Care Units, Pre-surgery areas, and all emergency situations. Follow-up contacts with all families who have experienced a loss at Augusta University Health occur from within the department. Literature is sent through the mail with an invitation to be a part of the many support groups that are available. Often members of the Department of Pastoral Counseling participate in funeral services or memorials.

Local clergy are involved in the Pastoral Counseling Department in two ways:

  • As consultants and clergy for particular faith group requests
  • As volunteer clergy to assist with staffing on the weekends

Continuing Education is provided for the community clergy to help create an awareness of the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Advance Medical Directives
The Department of Pastoral Counseling assists patients who wish to have more information concerning Advanced Medical Directives. If a patient chooses to develop an advanced directive, the pastoral staff assists them in completing the necessary paperwork and placing the completed advanced directive into the appropriate chart. The pastoral staff has been trained in the Critical Decisions program and provides advanced directive assistance to the community through this program.

Download Georgia Advance Directive Form