Family Resource Libraries

Mother and daughter readingThe library provides a collection of books, magazines, pamphlets and brochures on topics from disease specific information, coping with chronic illness and hospitalization to parenting skills and child development.

In addition to consumer health services, the Family Resource Library has children's recreational literature for our patients' reading pleasure. We believe that stories allow children to learn about themselves and their problems in a way which enables them to feel comforted, supported, strengthened, and understood.

Our library offers an opportunity for patients and families to explore and learn about health, illness, feelings, and many other topics of interest. It is a place to seek comfort through reading or to find refuge from the demands of hospital life. Although our services are primarily for patients and their families, we are open to the public, and are more than happy to offer members of the community easy access to information and resources.

Description of Services

  • More than 200 general health books available for check-out
  • Medical reference books for in-house use
  • Leisure reading material
  • Online databases providing full-text journals, directories, and references book entries
  • Access to Internet and MS Office for patients and patient families
  • Personalized Library assistance
  • Free brochures and pamphlets
  • Spanish-language books, magazines and brochures
  • Information about community resources and support groups
  • Magazines for all ages
  • Videos and DVDs
  • In-house informational programs and classes
  • Free activity books

Why should I go to the Family Resource Library?

  • To understand and cope with illness and hospitalization
  • to learn more about my child's health
  • To help family members learn how to help the patient and themselves
  • To learn more about the human body
  • To find recreational reading for children, adolescents and adults
  • To search medical reference books
  • To gain access to online databases, such as Medline
  • To find information about support groups and community organizations.

Hours and location

The Family Resource Library is in room BT 1801 on the first floor of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. It is open from 8 am - 4:30 pm Monday -Friday.
Librarian Desk hours are 10 am - 2 pm Monday -Friday

Frequently Asked Questions about the Resource Library

For further information, please call 706-721-5160

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