Women's Health

Welcome to the world of Women's Health. We want to be your One Stop Shop for all your medical needs as a woman and as a person. As Linda frequently says,  "Women are more than babies. breasts and bones." We're starting some wonderful services - Sleep problems being addressed at the Brest Health Center. Get a mammogram and see a Family Practice Physician within minutes in the same setting - our Breast Health Center. We also have urogynecology services. Not familiar with that? Bet you've see the TV ad featuring women made of pipes. You hear the announcer speak about annoying leaks. Well, yes that's a part of aging, but a urogynecologiset might just make you more comfortable when you laugh - or cough- or dance in a conga line like those imaginary women made of pipe. We are of course an education center too for pre-natal education, baby rearing and more. Yes, we still can handle the lactation questions a new mom has while she is post partum on our newly renovated 7th floor or respond once she gets back home. We are renowned for providing the best possible care for a woman with high risk pregnancy and we can also introduce a new mom to her child with skin to skin experience in the hours immediately following birth. Many of these were ideas from the members of our PFCC council. We look forward to much more insight and suggestions from our members. They've already instigated a change we needed. Being able to offer frozen flood to our new moms so that whether the hospital kitchen is open or no, a nice meal can be offered even if it's in the middle of the night after delivery. That's a lot of work and Mom's hungry. We're piloting the idea right now. Our PFCC council members are joining us for the taste tests of the food the Kitchen is freezing


Projects and Accomplishments

  • Renovation for Labor and Delivery - PFCC council helped with making decisions regarding floor plans, color schemes, types of flooring furniture and lighting and selecting art. 
  • Shared ideas for improving our Press Ganey scores
  • Improvements within our consumer website
  • updated patient education including creating our new baby cd's 
  • Implemented change in the process for returning patient phone calls. 
  • the new Women's Center that will broke ground in November 2010 - advisors have looked at the building plans and given their approval.