Shock Trauma/SICU Patient Family Advisory Group

This advisory group is made of former patients and/or family members who have experienced the stress of being in the ICU, with a majority of the members having been a patient and/or family member of the Shock Trauma ICU. Our advisors also facilitate a monthly Trauma Support Group for any patients and/or loved ones who may have need of it. Our advisors work with the nurse educator and nurse manager of SICU/STU to help develop patient/family education materials. The group recently completed a set of ICU and ICU wait room guidelines so that loved ones can partner in patient care while maintaining a safe environment for all involved. We are currently working on an admission packet for families coming into the trauma unit, as well as a process for handling overnight admissions to the unit. If you would like to become an advisor for Shock Trauma/SICU advisory group, please contact Jennifer Edmunds at 706-721-0278 or




Steve Whitney and Jennifer Edmunds



Projects and Accomplishments

  • Education project that includes illustrations of all the body systems so that the nursing/medical staff can print them out and draw on them for the families to explain injuries to them
  • Computerized flash model of head injuries for our families
  • Waiting room guidelines for SICU/ STU
  • Badging process for overnight loved ones in the waiting room.
  • Admission packet