Health Partners

The Health Partners Advisory Council acts as an advisory resource for the Adult Medical Center by providing a vehicle of communication through cooperative efforts between the patients, families, health care professionals, support staff and administration. The responsibilities of this council in partnership with the Adult Medical center are:

  • To provide a mechanism for better understanding of the services and policies of the Adult Medical Center among patients and family members.
  • To provide and review suggestions, recommendations and concerns of patients and family members as presented to the hospital administration.
  • To continue to assist in the planning of facilities and services.
  • To provide input regarding program development as requested by the hospital administration.
  • To provide a vital link between the Adult Medical Center and the community.
  • To participate in education of health care professionals and other support staff, and administration from a patient and family member's perspective. 

The Health Partners Advisory Council meets the 4th Thursday of the month. For more information call the Department of Family Services at 706-721-6838.