Same-Day Appointments for Work-Related Injuries

If you experience an injury on the job - whether it’s a broken bone, torn ligament or a more serious problem - Augusta University Orthopaedics offers knowledgeable care and prompt attention that sets us apart. Our work-related injuries services feature the following:

  • Same-day appointments for Workers’ Compensation cases;
  • Complete understanding of federal and state Workers’ Compensation regulations;
  • Care coordination by a full-time nurse clinician, who helps to reduce claims time and costs by coordinating communications among physicians, case managers, patients and employers; and
  • Clear, comprehensive workplace injury reports provided after each appointment.

Our goal is to help you get back to work safely and to assist your employer in your smooth return.


Workers benefit from the resources of Augusta University's comprehensive orthopaedic services. Our treatments include the flowing:

  • Skilled and compassionate care by fellowship-trained orthopaedic physicians who specialize in your type of injury;
  • Onsite rehabilitation services by licensed physical and occupational therapists our West Wheeler practice;
  • Individualized work conditioning to help you return successfully to your workplace; and
  • Third-party functional capacity evaluations to personalize workplace injury treatment and monitor results.

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