Physical Therapy Patient Information

Please allow one hour for your initial physical therapy appointment. This will give us the time we need to conduct an interview, perform a thorough exam, educate you on your condition and initiate a treatment program.

To expedite the process, please:

  • Arrive on time for your appointment. If you are late we may be required to shorten or reschedule your visit to avoid inconveniencing other patients who arrive on time.
  • Promptly call 706-446-1399 and select option 1 if you need to cancel your appointment.
  • If you receive a written referral from a physician, bring it to your appointment.
  • If your rehabilitation is for your low back, hips or legs, please wear or bring shorts to your appointment. Please bring athletic shoes as well.
  • If your rehabilitation is for your neck or arm, please wear or bring a tank or halter top or other clothing that reveals the arm.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call 706-446-1399 and select option 3.