Total Joint Replacement Surgery at Augusta University Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia

If you suffer from chronic hip, knee or shoulder pain due to injury, osteoarthritis or other inflammatory joint diseases, you may be a candidate for total joint replacement surgery.

At Augusta University Orthopaedics, our highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons specialize in total joint replacement surgery, in which the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint device.

After performing a complete medical and physical evaluation to determine if joint replacement surgery is right for you, your orthopaedic surgeon will select the implant and chose the joint replacement procedure that best fits your needs for improved mobility and increased function.

The Joint Replacement Center offers:

  • Conventional and arthroscopic, or minimally invasive, methods for hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery. Minimally invasive surgeries generally result in shorter hospital stays, smaller surgical scars and less trauma, pain medication and blood loss.
  • Long-lasting ceramic hip replacements for qualified candidates.
  • Hip resurfacing in which the worn surfaces of the hip joint are capped with a smooth covering.
  • Partial knee replacement in which surgeons remove and replace the cartilage in just the damaged section of the knee.
  • Pain management therapies to keep you as comfortable as possible.
  • Inpatient physical therapy and outpatient physical therapy in our rehabilitation center.
  • Case managers who coordinate joint replacement care from beginning to end.

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