Comprehensive Care for Hands, Wrists and Elbows

You do so much with your hands and arms, so, when you have problems with your hands, wrists or elbows, it makes sense to go to the area’s leading hand and upper extremity specialist.

At Augusta University, our board-certified and fellowship-trained hand and upper extremity specialists focus specifically on injuries and disorders of the hands, wrists and elbows. Our practice offers leading-edge treatments and care not available at other centers - from the simplest to the most complex conditions. That's why other orthopaedic practices send their complex cases to us.


Although we are surgeons, we believe in exploring conservative treatments first before considering surgery. Our nonsurgical options include:

  • Injections to help reduce inflammation and pain for trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and other minor conditions.
  • Occupational therapy specifically for the hand, wrist and elbow, designed to reduce pain and improve flexion and range of motion.
  • Xiaflex injections or needle aponeurotomy for Dupuytren’s contracture. We have extensive experience with this condition and the treatments available.

If you need surgery, we effectively evaluate your condition to offer an individualized surgical solution. Often the simplest procedure can boost your quality of life. As the area’s only Level I (highest level) trauma center, we provide care after a severe accident or injury, offering the most complex hand reconstruction. We provide the following treatments:

  • Carpal tunnel release.
  • Tendon transfer.
  • Nerve repair, using microsurgery.
  • Total elbow and other joint replacement. Our practice commonly performs these complex procedures, caused by arthritis of the elbow and other joints of the hands and wrists.
  • Wrist fusions and other surgeries for arthritis, including the thumb. These surgical procedures can provide tremendous improvement in painful arthritic conditions.
  • Thumb arthritis procedures.
  • Trigger finger release.
  • We also treat “aging”-related issues. Many of these issues are not related to simple aging and can be easily repaired with a simple surgery, including numbness and tingling, and night pain.

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