Ceramic Hip Replacements Available in Augusta, Georgia

The Augusta University Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, is a leading academic medical center in advanced scientific research for ceramic hip replacements and hip replacement surgery in Georgia, South Carolina and the Southeast.

Augusta University Orthopaedics is currently evaluating a new and durable total ceramic hip implant for hip replacement surgery, such as ceramic on ceramic hip replacement, which may offer even the youngest patient a lifelong solution to related hip pain and disability.

Thanks to refined engineering, the ceramic in these artificial hips is nearly as hard as metal, a major improvement from traditional hip replacement materials that wear out more quickly. Furthermore, the ceramic attracts natural joint fluid, which forms a protective lubricating shield around itself. 

Evaluating Hip Implants at Augusta University Medical Center

Augusta University Medical Center is one of only 11 sites in the United States evaluating the latest hip implant device. The new device has been successfully used in other countries but has yet to be approved for general use in the United States. However, the new ceramic hip is available to select patients at Augusta University Orthopaedics in Augusta, Georgia.

While the life expectancy of a traditional hip replacement is 10 to 15 years, researchers are hoping that the total ceramic implant will make hip replacement surgery a one-time operation in which the implant will last a lifetime.

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