State of the Art Angiography Imaging Technology

The Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center at Augusta University is the first in the state and one of the first three centers in the nation to acquire VasoCT, a state-of-the-art angiography imaging technology that gives neurologists and neurosurgeons more insight than ever for stroke diagnosis and treatment.

This advanced technology, housed in our angiography suite at The Medical Center at Augusta University, allows doctors to more precisely evaluate and remove clots in stroke patients. This state of the art imaging delivers clear, three-dimensional pictures of the arteries and veins in the brain and neck to better pinpoint blockages, greatly increasing the patient’s chance of survival and full recovery.

This new imaging technology allows diagnostics and intervention to happen together in the angiography suite, saving critical time – and brain cells – for each patient. Using a catheter to access the affected vessel, the clot can be removed mechanically or by direct administration of the clot-busting drug tPA. Following clot removal, a second dye study is done throughout the body to confirm that blood flow has been restored.

Besides providing the only interventional stroke care in the region, the angiography suite enables neurosurgeons at Augusta University to more quickly diagnose and treat hardening of the carotid artery as well as blood vessel defects such as arterial venous malformations and aneurysms.

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