Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Treatment at Augusta University Health 

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Augusta University Neuroscience CenterCaused by the build-up of fluid on the brain, normal pressure hydrocephalus, or NPH, usually affects older people. The syndrome is characterized by disordered voluntary movement, incontinence, and dementia.

NPH has often been overlooked or dismissed without treatment because of the difficulty in accurately diagnosing the condition and the perception that neurosurgical interventions posed high risk. However, the Augusta University Comprehensive Epilepsy Program in Augusta, GA. has become a leader in diagnosing and treating NPH.

Augusta University's NPH Program Offers:

  • A coordinated team of NPH specialists that includes physicians, neurologists and neurosurgeons
  • Accurate NPH diagnosis through complete physical and neurological examinations, diagnostic lumbar puncture, CT scans and MRIs
  • Physical therapists who specialize in treating patients with NPH
  • Catheter drainage of cerebral spinal fluid
  • Surgical interventions by highly skilled neurosurgeons

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Meet Our Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Specialist:

John R. Vender, MD

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