Access World-class Neurological Care at the Augusta University Neuroscience Center of Excellence

If you experience neurological symptoms or need care for any type of adult or pediatric neurological condition, contact the Augusta University Neuroscience Center of Excellence. We’ll put an entire treatment team, dedicated to delivering the most advanced, coordinated neurological care, by your side. For specific contact information, by specialty, please reach us at the following phone numbers:

For prescription refills and test results, please call 706-823-6377.

General Appointment Information

For general appointment or contact information, please Request an online appointment now or call (706) 721-2273 (CARE) or 800-736-CARE (2273) to speak with a member of our Care Team who will arrange a quick, convenient appointment with a skilled neurologist or neurosurgeon. 

Neuropsychology - Adult Neuropsychology

To schedule a patient appointment, please telephone the Adult Neuropsychology Office at 706-721-3851. To fax a referral form (click here to go to the form), please fax to 706-721-7588. Physician and legal referrals are welcomed. If you wish to discuss adult patient and referral questions, please telephone Gregory P. Lee, Ph.D., Director of the Adult Neuropsychology Service in the Department of Neurology, at 706-721-3851