History of the Augusta Multiple Sclerosis Center at Augusta University

Since its foundation in 2004 by Dr. Mary Hughes, the Augusta Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center has grown significantly. Working on a part-time basis (4 hours per week) Dr. Hughes and one nurse made their impact on the MS community in just over 5 years. Currently, the center operates full-time, 5 days a week and serves over 1500 patients across the southeast. The staff has grown to 7, including a doctor, physician assistant, clinic nurse, Psychologist, Physical and Occupational Therapist and Social Worker. Now led by Director Dr. Suzanne Smith, this team of highly specialized personnel is treating patients with MS based on their specific needs, using a multidisciplinary approach to care.

Dr. Suzanne Smith, Augusta University Neuroscience Center
Suzanne Smith, MD
Augusta MS Center &
Memory Disorder Clinic