Treating Memory Disorders at Augusta University

Dr. Suzanne Smith, Memory Disorders and Alzheimer's Disease, Augusta University Neuroscience CenterAlzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia take a toll on patients and their families, who often struggle to assemble the expertise and resources they need to meet the challenges neurodegenerative diseases bring. At Augusta University, we offer a unique opportunity for patients in the Augusta, GA and surrounding areas to have a complete memory evaluation through our Memory Disorders Clinic as well as participate in clinical trails developing new therapies for patients with memory loss.

Patients are first evaluated by Dr. John Morgan, Director of the Memory Disorders Program, or his PA, Elizabeth Coleman. When appropriate, further testing will be ordered, including. 

  • Labwork
  • Brain Imaging with MRI, CT, or PET scan
  • Cognitive assessment with our Neuropsychologist, Dr. Gregory Lee

These studies help guide our clinical assessment and diagnosis. When the studies are complete, patients will again meet with Dr. Morgan or PA Coleman to discuss test results, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.  If patients qualify for a clinical trial and are interested in participating, we will also discuss this at their return visit. 

As our patients and families need help navigating the transitions that neurodegenerative diseases may bring, our social worker, Lillian Branch, is able to help guide them to organizations and resources in the community.  

We are also fortunate to have a compassionate administrative assistant, Cat Rucker, who is first to greet our patients on the phone with any questions or concerns that may arise.    

The Memory Disorders Clinic is part of Augusta University Neuroscience Center of Excellence and located in Augusta, GA on the fourth floor of the Ambulatory Care Building.

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