What to Expect During Gamma Knife Treatment in Augusta, GA

Gamma Knife treatment is simple, fast and painless. It is an outpatient procedure. Here are some things patients can expect with Gamma Knife radiosurgery:

The patient is escorted to a specially equipped suite designed with comfort in mind. Medication is offered to help the patient relax.

The patient is fitted for a head frame to guide treatment. A local anesthetic is used to numb the pin sites which secure the frame.  Gamma Knife Surgery, Augusta University Neuroscience Center

The next step is advanced imaging—CT (computed tomography), angiography or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)—to exactly locate the target tissue. Using these scans and a powerful computer program, the physicians will create a detailed treatment plan. Each treatment plan is unique and designed to address the patient's specific medical needs. 

After the plan is complete, the actual treatment begins. The patient lies down on the treatment couch and the head frame is attached to the docking device on the patient positioning system. Patients are awake during the procedure and will be able to communicate through an audio and video connection.

When the treatment begins, the couch will move into the dome section of the unit. The treatment is silent and totally painless. Patients often listen to music during the treatment.

The team will monitor the procedure at all times. The treatment will last a few minutes to more than an hour, depending on the size and shape of the targets.

Most patients are ready for normal activity the next day. The effects of the treatment will occur over time and the physician will stay in contact to assess progress.

In many cases, Gamma Knife surgery offers advantages over traditional brain tumor surgery.

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