An Epilepsy Monitoring Unit to Diagnose Epilepsy and Identify its Point of Origin

Epilepsy Monitoring, Augusta University Neuroscience CenterAugusta University Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Augusta, Georgia, allows physicians to diagnose epilepsy and pinpoint the location of the abnormal cells causing the seizures. The unit offers private rooms with simultaneous video, audio and electroencephalography (EEG) recording of seizure activity 24 hours a day. This enables caregivers to record electrical activity in the brain and provides our epileptologists and neurosurgeons with the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis, develop an individualized plan of care and perform targeted surgery, if necessary.

One of the most sophisticated units of its kind in the Southeast, the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is staffed by Registered Nurses specially trained in epilepsy. Thanks to a low nurse-to-patient ratio, these compassionate caregivers can devote ample time to each patient. The staff also includes EEG technologists who have specialized training in long-term monitoring. The unit performs:

Diagnostic Monitoring

This non-invasive monitoring allows us to distinguish epilepsy from other disorders with similar symptoms by placing electrodes on the head to record the brain’s electrical activity. What’s more, we can identify the origin of the seizures and monitor patients whose seizures are not being controlled to determine if they are on the right medications.

Evaluating Patients from Georgia, South Carolina and Beyond for Epilepsy Surgery

Unlike many epilepsy centers, we can also determine if epilepsy surgery is the best treatment for a patient.


Phase 1 Monitoring

This non-invasive test is performed when epilepsy patients are not controlled by medications. This monitoring lets us determine if a patient is a good candidate for epilepsy surgery.  

Phase 2 Monitoring

This may be necessary if additional information is needed to identify the area of the brain where the seizures are originating. We surgically place electrodes into the brain, then record activity directly from the brain to identify the origin of the seizures for greater accuracy and improved outcomes.

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