Augusta University’s Adult Epilepsy Referral Center

Augusta University's Epilepsy Center in Augusta, Georgia was the first in Georgia or South Carolina to be recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers as a Medical Surgical Level IV Epilepsy Center, the highest possible designation. It serves as a national referral center for adult and pediatric patients, treating the most complex cases of epilepsy.

Augusta University's Epilepsy Center is one of the most experienced epilepsy programs in the country. Our epilepsy team is dedicated to discovering and delivering the best form of epilepsy treatment and management to improve the quality of life for each patient.

Augusta University’s Adult Epilepsy Center offers a wide variety of treatments and services, provided by a team of epilepsy specialists, to assist both the patient and the family. We take a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and managing epilepsy and its effects on the patient’s life. Some of our services and specialists include:

  • A team of adult epilepsy specialists (epileptologists)
  • Skilled and experienced epilepsy neurosurgeon that performs the full range of epilepsy surgeries from vagus nerve stimulation to temporal lobectomy to hemispherectomy
  • A dedicated Epilepsy Monitoring Unit staffed by registered nurses specially trained in epilepsy care as well as electroencephalography (EEG) technologists trained to monitor and record the brain’s electrical activity
  • Neuropsychologists for testing cognitive function
  • Pharmacists with advanced knowledge of antiepileptic drugs
  • Access to clinical trials involved with epilepsy research as the only public academic medical center in Georgia
  • Nurse clinicians who educate patients and answer day-to-day questions
  • Social workers who help patients and families cope with epilepsy
  • An Epilepsy Coordinator who handles scheduling, admissions and insurance issues
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment through Patient Family Centered Care for adult and pediatric patients with epilepsy

Don’t let epilepsy disrupt your life. Request an online appointment now, or call our Scheduling Center today at 706-721-4581 or toll free at 800-736-CARE (2273).  You may also e-mail us at

For prescription refills, please call 706-823-6377.

To schedule outpatient services such as video monitoring call the epilepsy monitoring unit at 706-721-4626.  Epilepsy physicians may be reached at 721-3325.