Treating Brain Tumors at Augusta University 

Brain Tumor Care at Augusta University Neuroscience CenterThe Augusta University Neuroscience Center in Augusta, GA. provides state-of-the-art neurosurgery and neurology care for adults and children with brain tumors, spinal column, or neurological complications of cancer.  Brain tumor patients are seen quickly and treated by a skilled and experienced neurosurgeon who works closely with oncologists in the The Georgia Cancer Center.

Augusta University’s Brain Tumor Services Include:

  • Advanced diagnostic equipment, including CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, single photon computed tomography (SPECT) and stereotactic (minimally invasive surgical) biopsy, to diagnose tumors in hard-to-reach areas of the brain

  • Responsive, coordinated care by neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, radiation oncologists and other caregivers

  • Traditional surgery as well as minimally invasive stereotactic surgery for operable brain tumors, including endoscopic surgery (performed with the help of a camera)

  • Multidisciplinary Skull Base Tumor Center 

  • Noninvasive Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for operable and inoperable tumors

  • Comprehensive Pituitary Clinic 

  • Staged therapy that combines traditional or stereotactic surgery with Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

  • Access to clinical trials, including phase 1 trials not available at other area hospitals

  • Academic Medical Center based ongoing research

  • All the resources of the The Georgia Cancer Center and medical staff 

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