Academic Medical Center Neuroscience Research

Clinical trials lead to medical discovery

As the region’s only Academic Medical Center, Augusta University Health's patients benefit from the medical discovery that is at the very core of our care. Our physicians seek medical solutions through research and innovation to improve outcomes of care.

In this academic setting, our physicians are teachers and mentors to medical students – the next generation of physicians. As professors in the Medical College, our physicians are educators that embrace life-long learning. They are used to communicating their expertise to medical students and are as comfortable answering patient questions about health issues with the same attitude of communicating knowledge in an understandable manner.

The Neuroscience research community at Augusta University represents a group of over 80 active scientists whose research activities are supported by over $15 million of extramural funds. For more information about Neuroscience focused research studies and clinical trials, please contact the Research Institute of Neuroscience at 706-721-0487.

Check out Dr. Joe Z. Tsien's research on memory and aging.

Dr. Lin Mei, Georgia Regents Neurology Research  Dr. Tsien, Georgia Regents Neurology Research  Dr. Tsien, Georgia Regents Neurology Research