A Team of Renowned Neurologists and Neurosurgeons

Cargill Alleyne and Team at Augusta University Neuroscience Center

The Augusta University Neuroscience Center of Excellence staffs the largest, most diverse team of adult and pediatric neurologists, experienced fellowship-trained neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists in the area, including nationally renowned experts in Parkinson’s diseasestrokefunctional and cerebrovascular neurosurgery, and complex spine surgeries.

This allows us to deliver advanced neurological care not available at other area hospitals and makes Medical Center at Augusta University a regional referral center for complex neurological care and surgery.


All Meet our Neuroscience Center Physicians Specialists

Cargill Alleyne, MD Neurosurgery
John Barrett, MD, PhD Radiation Oncology
James Carroll, MD Pediatric Neurology
K. Garcia, MD Neurology
Dan-Victor Giurgiutiu, MD Vascular Neurology
Mary Gregory, MD Pediatric Neurology
Ian Heger, MD Pediatric Neurosurgery
David Hess, MD Neurology
Julie Kurek, MD Movement Disorders
S. Macomson, MD Neurosurgery
John Morgan, MD Neurology
Yong Park, MD Pediatric Neurology
J. Pruitt, MD Neurology
Scott Rahimi, MD Pediatric Neurosurgery
Stephen Ramey, MD Radiation Oncology
Elizabeth Sekul, MD Pediatric Neurology
Kapil Sethi, MD Neurology
John Vender, MD Neurosurgery