Primary Care

When it comes to your health, it’s important that you establish a health care home, a primary care provider who can serve as a guide to good general health and provide referrals to specialists when necessary.

Primary Care at Lake Oconee is designed to do just that. Our outstanding staff and physician conduct annual physicals, treat acute conditions from common viral infections to bronchitis, abdominal pain or skin conditions, and manage chronic diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol and early diabetes. Our practice cares for adults, adolescents and children.

If you need more specialized care, we can also rapidly refer you to the region’s largest group of subspecialists, many of whom practice at Lake Oconee or at our main campus at Augusta University Health.

Your Annual Physical: 5 Things to Expect

How healthy are you? An annual physical is your opportunity to fine-tune your overall health and potentially prevent larger health issues down the road.

At Primary Care at Lake Oconee, every physical includes the following:

Step 1: Lab Work

We check your cholesterol, blood sugar, potassium and Vitamin D levels, PSA (for men) and more to ensure your major organs and glands are working as they should.

Step Two: Medications

We discuss and review all your current medications and provide any necessary refills.

Step Three: Screenings

If it is time for a colonoscopy, mammogram or other screening, we schedule these important preventative tests.

Step Four: Diet and Exercise

We review your diet and level of activity and provide recommendations to help you maintain your strength, energy and overall quality of life.

Step Five: Physical

Finally, we conduct a physical exam and ask you about any other problems, issues or questions you may have. We make a point of taking the time to listen to your concerns since our goal is for you to be engaged in your health care.

Meet Your Physician

Dr. Bo Cheves