International Reference Guide to in Patient Stay

  • For your safety and well-being the nurses will administer medications prescribed by the physicians. Patients must refrain from taking medications from their personal supply.
  • Incense and candles are prohibited in the hospital due to fire safety regulations.
  • When the doctor gives permission for discharge, a patient will need to wait until the nurses have completed all discharge documents. Nurses will then accompany patients to the exit.
  • The patient is responsible for the cost of prescriptions once discharged from the hospital. Rite Aid drug store (1505 Walton Way) has the capability to print prescriptions in Arabic.
  • Medical equipment usage is prescribed based on individual patient needs. Not all patients will require the same medical equipment upon discharge. Medical equipment must be recommended by the physical therapy or occupational therapy departments.
  • If a patient lacks transportation after discharge, please contact the International concierge for assistance at (706) 840-2829.
  • Patients must be on time for their scheduled testing. Nurses may call to remind you of your appointment, but do not rely on a reminder call.