Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Services

Augusta University Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates in Augusta, Georgia performs semen analysis and sperm count tests to evaluate a man's fertility and to improve his chances of getting a woman pregnant.

One in six couples experiences infertility problems. Problems with male semen accounts for 40 percent of all infertility. Forty percent relates to female reproductive and hormone problems. A full 20 percent of infertility is related to problems with both partners.

What is Semen Analysis?

Semen analysis checks for a man's sperm count, sperm motility (how well the sperm move) and sperm morphology (whether the sperm are normally formed). It also checks for the presence of bacteria or infection.

The semen analysis should be done first before any additional fertility evaluation on the woman.

What is the Purpose of a Semen Analysis?

The purpose of semen analysis is to look at male semen samples under the microscope for signs of abnormality in the numbers of sperm, movement of sperm, volume of semen, thickness and thinness of semen, numbers of live sperm and the shapes of sperm.

The analysis is done at the Reproductive Laboratories of Augusta.

What is the Procedure for Semen Analysis?

Two or three ejaculates can be necessary for a good semen specimen study, therefore, two or three separate semen collection appointments will be required.

The semen specimen must be collected by masturbation with clean hands and into a sterile container, either at home (if you live within 30 minutes of our office) or at the Reproductive Laboratories of Augusta.

Within 48-72 hours before the appointment time, the semen specimen provider should have an ejaculation. Then, he should either ejaculate again into the container at home (if within 30 minutes of the office) or in a private room provided for this purpose.

Please contact us with questions about semen analysis or sperm count testing, or if you want to schedule an appointment for semen analysis.