Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Services

Artificial Insemination Patient Instructions for Collection of Specimen

  • The specimen for insemination should be collected by masturbation. Alternate methods are not recommended. Please notify the lab if you are unable to collect by masturbation.
  • The specimen should be collected in a sterile specimen container, which we provide. You can also get a container from your family doctor's office or perhaps a pharmacy. We recommend that you have an extra container at home if one is needed.
  • Please remember to wash your hands and penis before collection. Also, do not use saliva, which can contaminate the semen, or lubricants, which can kill the sperm, as an aid in collection.
  • Bring the specimen to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection, and keep it warm during transport by keeping the container next to your body. If it is not possible to have the specimen to the office within 30 minutes, a private collection room is provided in the laboratory.