ACR accredited facility for breast imaging center of excellenceWelcome to Mammography

Advanced technology equals early detection.  The Breast Imaging Center of Excellence is the area’s most experienced breast health center and provides the confidence of the best technology today for a healthy tomorrow.

Our 3D digital mammography system, the first in Georgia and only one in the area, provides the best diagnosis without the anxiety of a traditional mammogram. We have been performing 3D mammograms since July 2011. Advanced technology and early detection gives the girls the fighting chance they deserve.

The Breast Health Center offers:

  • 3D Digital Mammography for every patient at no additional charge
  • Quick access to skilled surgeons
  • Screening and diagnostic tests including mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs) and Ultrasound
  • MRI-guided biopsy of the breast, when lesions can’t be detected on mammograms or ultrasound
  • Stereotactic or ultrasound-guided biopsy, when needed. Done same day in the comfort of the mammography suite.
  • A Certified Breast Health Navigator who will coordinate your care, education and support
  • Genetic counseling and testing for breast and ovarian cancer
  • Coordinated, multidisciplinary breast cancer care
  • An educational resource room

To schedule an appointment for a screening mammogram, call 706-721-9729 (XRAY). A referral is not required.

If you detect a change in your breast or wish to speak to our Breast Health Navigator, call 706-723-4319.