The first in Georgia to offer 3D Digital Mammograms

Our 3D digital mammography system, one of only a few in the nation, provides significantly improved visualization for earlier detection, fewer false positives and less anxiety. This technological advancement also offers a more comfortable screening process.

Unlike other centers, we offer 3D digital mammography to all of our patients.  Our standard is to provide the best technology available to all of our patients.

What you should know about the 3D digital mammography difference

Approved by the FDA in February 2011, breast tomosynthesis produces a three-dimensional image of the breast, providing a clearer view of breast tissue. The technology improves images by digitally combining multiple X-rays to reduce distortion created by tissue overlap or density.  Tomosynthesis also screens the entire breast, not just the problem area. This is significant because 15 percent of women with a cancer in their breast also have another cancer in the same or other breast. Women have also reported a more comfortable screening process with 3D. One in eight women will get breast cancer and it is the second most cause of cancer deaths in women.  Early detection means 97% survival rate, so make the choice today that could save your life.