Breast Health Navigator

“I was drawn to breast oncology especially because I have always loved women’s health — that has been my niche since day one. To me, there is nothing better than to get to work with these patients in an outpatient setting because it puts me in a situation to see them, not only when they're feeling sick, but many times, when they're feeling very well. We see each other on a regular basis, and in this setting, we have the opportunity to develop a friendship. I really get to know the person for who they are, their family, how many kids they have, their latest vacation plans, and the pictures — oh! the pictures you get to share!”

-Erin Chrisco, RN, BSN, OCN

Erin Chrisco is the Breast Health Coordinator (Navigator). She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, in 2007, and then joined the Women’s Center at University Health Care System, where she cared for postsurgical ob-gyn patients, postpartum patients, and children. She has also worked in emergency medicine admissions and general hospital admissions for University.

Erin found her love for oncology when she joined the nursing staff at Medical Oncology Associates as an infusion nurse in 2011, where she worked chairside with cancer patients. During that time, she earned her chemotherapy biotherapy certification and also became an oncology certified nurse. 

Erin’s interest in growing professionally and serving cancer patients in a bigger way brought her to the The Georgia Cancer Center, where as Breast Health Coordinator (Navigator), she coordinates care for women and men with breast cancer, including facilitating the Breast Cancer Support Group.

To contact Erin, please call 706-723-4319.