In our mission to provide the best possible care to our patients, our cardiologists strive to utilize alternatives to improve your experience.  By using the radial artery in your wrist, versus the traditional femoral artery in your groin area, we lower your risk for complications from bleeding, decrease pain sensation, decrease the need for prolonged hospital stay and eliminate the need for several hours of strict bed rest after your procedure. 

During the cardiac catheterization, a catheter or think flexible tube is inserted into the arteries surrounding your heart so they diagnose and treat blockages with the need for invasive, open-heart surgery.  The procedure does not require anesthesia and often times allows patients to return to their home on the same day.

At Augusta University Medical Center, while we are honored that you have chosen us to provide your care, we understand that no one wants to stay in the hospital any longer than absolutely necessary.  Multiple studies have shown that same-day discharge after a cardiac catheterization is safe, effective, and fosters better outcomes for patients.  Furthermore, same-day discharge has been identified as a best practice standard for Cardiac Catheterization.

Here at Augusta University Medical Center, we are and continue to be an early adopter of same day discharge.  The majority of our patients, regardless of the complexity of their procedure, are able to return home the same day of their procedure.