Heart Tests and Diagnostics

Coronary Calcium Screening: Test Your Heart Disease Risk

Every 25 seconds, someone in the United States experiences a heart attack or coronary event. Do you know your risk?

Augusta University Heart and Cardiovascular Services offers coronary calcium scanning, an easy, 15-minute test that is up to 10 times more accurate at predicting your heart attack risk than traditional diagnostic methods, such as measuring blood cholesterol levels. A calcium scan can help your physician determine additional diagnostics and the types of preventive therapies or treatment you might need.

Other Heart Tests and Diagnostics

  • Diagnostic heart tests, including the area’s only fully accredited, digital adult echocardiography lab, electrocardiograms, stress tests and Holter monitors
  • 64-Slice CT scanner, the latest in heart screening technology that captures fast, incredibly detailed views of the heart, giving our cardiologists the information they need to diagnose quickly during emergencies
  • Mobile heart ultrasound, partnering with area companies to bring safe, quick screenings for heart disease to you