Heart Healthy Choices for Cardiovascular Health

Everyone knows that health-conscious meal planning can be difficult, especially when eating out. That’s why Augusta University Cardiovascular Center helps to identify heart-healthy menu items to provide you a healthful variety of food choices when dining.

Professional dietitians at Augusta University Health can assess menu items to recommend heart-healthy options. To meet our heart-healthy standards, items should have no more than 20 grams total fat and no more than 10 grams of saturated fat. So when you choose a heart healthy menu item, you can rest assured that you are making a better choice for your heart and overall health. Consult your physician or nutritionist for specific nutritional needs.

Why Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet?

Eating right has tremendous benefits, from helping to keep your body trim to giving you more energy. Research has also shown that enjoying a healthful diet considerably decreases your risk of dying from heart disease, stroke and cancer. By incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products in your diet, you can decrease your risk by as much as 30 percent.

At first, changing your diet may seem overwhelming, but, by making small, manageable changes now, you can make big changes in the long run. Start by substituting healthful choices for foods with less nutritional value. For instance, when dining out, try to follow healthy choice guidelines. You can still enjoy a nice meal at your favorite restaurant while making important changes in your diet that will make a difference for your health.

Eating a healthy diet is a great way to reduce your risk for heart disease. To learn how to select the right types of food in the right portions for optimal heart health, call 706-721-8637 to make an appointment to meet with a dietitian.

Heart and Cardiovascular Disease

Heart and cardiovascular disease are leading killers of both men and women in the United States. Some people are born with heart disease, but others build up risks over their lifetime - risks that can be prevented, and even reversed, with the proper measures.

Augusta University Cardiovascular Center provides complete cardiovascular services including the evaluation of your heart health. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 706-721-2273 (CARE).