Patient Resources

For patients undergoing radiation therapy, our patient programs were designed with specific patient needs in mind, and include free parking, nutritional guidance, financial counselors, social workers, interpreters, pastoral care, and support groups.

Free/Convenient clinic parking

For our patients treated daily on an outpatient basis, we supply free permits for parking directly in front of the Georgia Cancer Center Radiation Oncology clinic.

Nutritional Care

Dietitians are available to assist our patients with their dietary needs during treatment.

Support Groups

Available to help cancer patients and caregivers gain strength from cancer survivors and to share their experiences with others that have walked the same path.

Financial counselors

Counselors are available to meet privately with our patients concerning insurance or billing issues.

Social worker

Social workers assist our patients with making all the logistical arrangements for their care. (i.e. issues obtaining transportation, lodging, prescriptions, or other concerns)

Pastoral care

Available for patient spiritual support.


Interpreters are available to our patients to help overcome language barriers.

For additional information about these patient resources, please ask your radiation oncology nurse.


Call us to make an appointment (706) 721-6744

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