Your Physician, Your Healthcare Team and You

As part of an academic medical center, the Cancer Center has assembled a team of skilled cancer physicians and cancer specialists – as well as clinicians, researchers, pharmacists and scientists—all in a single location.

Your cancer team offers preventive strategies, diagnostic cancer testing and leading-edge cancer treatments to help defeat cancer and offer hope for you and other cancer patients. It is important to us not only to treat your body but  your mind and spirit as well, for this purpose we offer integrative medicine for our patients which includes art therapy [shot], music therapy, meditation, and sexual therapy.

Visit Summary

Once we have collected your information, you will meet your physician to discuss your plan of care. He or she may be accompanied by a nurse navigator. The navigator will assist in coordinating your treatment plan.

Before coming for your first appointment at the clinic, you may have had a biopsy, and/ or other diagnostics studies. On the first visit, your physician will look at your exam results and lab reports before asking about your in-depth history.

Your exam results help your physicians determine your treatment options. You and your care team will choose the best treatment for you. Since our Cancer Center is actively involved in cancer research, you may have opportunities to volunteer to participate in clinical trials, which offer discovery-driven clinical treatments for adult cancer patients affected by all types of cancer.

You will also discuss whether or not you use tobacco or smoke, your alcohol consumption, your previous health history and your family’s health history. Being honest, precise and open about this information will help your physician and team, care for you better.

Remember to write down your questions before you come to the clinic, and ask your questions when you meet with the physician. Be prepared to take notes.

Quick Tip:

It is very important that you bring all of your prescription medications in their original containers with you, each time you come to the clinic. This will help your care team have an accurate understanding of the medicines you are taking. It also helps ensure that your medicines will not interfere with other medication you may be given.


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