Improving Cancer Outcomes with Skill and Compassion

Our mission at the The Georgia Cancer Center is “to reduce the burden of cancer in the State of Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education.” We believe in helping any cancer patient and any healthcare provider access our services at any point from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship – always with skill and compassion. We focus on outreach – to our patients within the communities we serve and beyond. If we can help any person improve their outcomes, we’ve helped reduce the number of cancer deaths in Georgia.

Cancer Partnerships across the Region

Known as the state’s cancer center, oncology specialists at The Georgia Cancer Center partner with healthcare providers within the state and across the region to teach the next generation of oncology specialists. Our goal is to help more cancer patients by expanding our reach beyond Augusta with innovative treatments and access to clinical trials.   

The Georgia Cancer Center leads a team of statewide partners in a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program. This collaborative effort is Georgia’s only minority focused research program, one of twelve sites nationally. Our partners include:

Understanding Every Phase of Cancer Treatment

At the Georgia Cancer Center, we have an entire team of specialists to help patients through every phase of care, including what to expect on your first visit and coping skills to improve outcomes through our supportive services.Because our oncology specialists are teaching the newest cancer doctors, we know the importance of explaining what clinical services may work best for specific patient needs. But our team also knows that every individual patient has a different perspective and we are able to address unique needs with our multi-disciplinary approach.

Ease of Access to Specialty Cancer Care

Through our broad experience treating patients with cancer across the region, we know seeing a cancer specialist as soon as possible will help reduce the anxiety of uncertainty. At the Georgia Cancer Center, we see all ages of patients through our various facilities, including our main outpatient clinic, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia and our radiation oncology location. We have dedicated parking and helpful navigation to get you where you’re going. We see patients in all phases – for those that may suspect cancer to those that are seeking an innovative clinical trial when other cancer treatment options are limited. For every patient, at any point in your care, our expert services are readily available:

For physicians that need to refer a patient, just reach out to our Nurse Navigators directly, call our central appointment line at (706) 721-6744 or send referral paperwork to our secure messaging number 706-721-4770. Referring physicians can also access information through our Physician Resources

Connect with The Georgia Cancer Center

In addition to ease of access to services through dedicated facilities for cancer care, we work hard to keep our patients connected through other forms of communication – because we know everyone that is experiencing cancer needs support. Patients and family members can easily connect with The Georgia Cancer Center through our Cancer Prevention Blog or our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Call us to make an appointment 706-721-6744

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